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CityParking lets drivers reserve a parking spot before arriving to their destination. Parking is posted by owners who want to share it at affordable rates and there you go, now you have parking whenever you need it wherever you need it!

The cost varies based on location but is lower than meters and parking lots. Most places you can find parking for as low as $1/hr to a max of $10/day
First, tap ‘Rent a Spot’ on the welcome screen or in the menu and then enter the address in the search bar to find all parking spots available nearby. Circles with a number indicates how many parking spots are located in the area, you can tap or zoom in to see indivdual spots. You can even filter spots based on when you need parking and for how long you want to reserve a spot.
Parking spots posted on the app are privately owned and added by users. If you let us know (email [email protected]) we can get our team on the road and online to get parking for you! As this is a community effort we also ask you to spread the word to people who want to make some cash by sharing their spot. It can be a private driveway, an office parking they don’t use after leaving work or any place where a car can be parked legally.
Green pins represent spots that are available right now. Grey ones are not available right now, but you can still book them for another date and time. Red pins represent spots that you have booked. If you tap the pins, you can see the spot availabilities.

It’s easy! If it's your first time renting with CityParking you will be asked to sign up and add a valid credit card to pay for parking. Don't worry, your card won't be charged at this point in time

After this one-time step, you can now explore spots and view availability by touching a pin (parking spot) on the map.

Once you find your spot just tap on it to see details and go to the next step tp select the date, time, and length for which you need parking.

Once done you will see the total booking time and cost at the bottom of your screen.

After that you press ‘Book This Spot’ and the spot will be reserved for you, this is when your credit card will be charged.

Next, a confirmation screen will display the details of your booking and lets you take other actions like cancelling the parking, adding more time, marking the spot under your 'favourites,' or tapping the ‘Directions’ button to find a good route to the spot.

Add your credit card in the ‘Payments’ section of the menu or by entering it when renting a spot. We do not store any credit card information - all our transactions are handled by Stripe, the leader in mobile payments offering the highest standard of security.
Yes! You can book parking for today, tomorrow or any date you want. Now, you have one less thing to worry about next time you get in your car.
Yes - with a press of a button. Since other drivers may have booked that spot as well, the app will show you how long you can renew for.

Yes, you can cancel the booking at any time.

If you cancel more than 30 minutes before your booking, then you will receive a credit to be used next time.

If you cancel less than 30 minutes before the start of your reserved time slot, you will be charged $1. This is meant to prevent drivers from unnecessarily blocking parking spots.

After the start of your parking slot, you will be charged the fixed fee. If you have used less than 50% of the booked time, you will receive a refund for the remaining time, rounded down to the hour. If you have used 50% or more of the booked time, then you will not receive a refund.

CityParking trusts in the goodwill of its users; if you repeatedly book long hours to block parking and then cancel to get refunds, other drivers will face problems. This would also have a negative effect on your ratings.

We are inside the app :) you can always tap the chat button on the bottom of the screen to talk to us and we will help you with whatever you need.
You can always press the report problem button on your confirmation screen to let us know if something went wrong. You will be able to switch your bookng to another spot or cancel to get a full refund and to compensate for the inconvenience and to make sure this never happnes to anyone again we request you send us a picture of the blocking car and we will send you a promocode with 1 hour on us.
Our parking owners mostly depend on us to manage their parking. If there is a need to talk about a booking you can always chat with customer support directly from the app.
30 minutes is the minimum booking time. After that, you can renew the parking spot in 15-minute increments.
CityParking is a community based solution and overstaying past your booked time slot (without renewing) forces another driver to wait or to continue fighting the parking battle, this defeats the purpose of the app. We prefer to charge for the time overstayed however spots are not owned by us and there is a very high chance your car will be towed at your expense.
Absolutely not. You only need one when you actually book a spot.
You can manage your profile from the profile section in the menu. Here you can change your details like phone number, password and email. It’s important that you have a verified email address so we can send you receipts for your parking. You can also add the details of your car including license plate number, car model and colour as spot owners like to know the right car is parked at the right time and it helps avoid towing incidents.

First, tap ‘Post a Spot’ in the menu. This will bring you to the map screen.

Next, enter the address where your spot is situated. A red pin will appear on the map. To help drivers find your spot, you will need to move this red pin onto the precise location of the spot. To do this, zoom in and hold your finger on the exact location of your spot for three seconds - the red pin will move to where you're pressing. Once the red pin is exactly on your spot's location, press 'Next Step'.

Then, add a photo of your spot so that drivers will be able to identify it. We recommend including a photo with recognizable background elements that would help drivers know exactly where to park when they arrive.

Next, write a short description of your spot and how to find it - as if you were giving directions to a friend.

Finally, press the 'Add Time' button to choose when you want to make your spot available. Choose the starting and ending time of the time slot and pick which days it is applied towards. Then, scroll down and press 'Add Time'. Repeat this step for all the time slots during which your spot will be available during the week.

The last step is to add your bank account (see below)

As a spot owner, you do not need to link your credit card. However, you do need to add your bank account in order to get paid. This is easy to do: simply go to the menu and access the ‘Payments’ screen. Then, press ‘Add Bank Account’ and enter the required information. If the information provided is correct, then you will be able to receive your money! Remember that your information is safe
If you’ve added your spot and bank account to the system, then you’re good to go! Every seven days, the money you've accumulated from your spot will be deposited to your bank account.
The service is free to use till you get a reservation. We take 25% of all successful bookings and this is negotiable if you have multiple locations and spots.
Best way is to contact customer support directly from the app. We can always reach our users faster then you :) and they are guaranteed to answer our call as it comes from our support line.
If this happens, please email [email protected] and explain your situation. We will then resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
There are a few reasons your spot might not be getting bookings. First, ensure that your image and description make your spot as easy as possible to find. This is the only information drivers have to The best way to ensure your spot gets rented out more is to increase the spot’s availabilities. Try to think about when your spot’s area is likely to experience the most car traffic, and adjust your availabilities accordingly.
You can set the price between $1 to $3 per hour and max $10 per day. This keeps it affordable for drivers and guarantees recurring income. You can always reach out to customer support if you want to discuss
First, access the ‘My Spots’ screen from the menu. Then tap on the spot whose availabilities you want to adjust. On the next screen, tap on the ‘Edit’ icon (the pencil) – this will bring you to the screen that allows you to modify your spot’s availabilities.
Contact us immediately via the app or email [email protected], we will take the matter up with the driver ourselves. If the situation is an emergency, call +1 514-612-3185.
Contact us immediately via the app or email [email protected] or call +1 514-612-3185. We will ensure that the car is parked illegally. Given that this is your private parking spot, you are within your rights to take up the matter with the City of Montreal directly and request that the car be towed.
Every Sunday, the money you made in the previous week will be wired directly to your bank account using the Stripe payment infrastructure.
CityParking enforces an average pricing model - $1- $3 range is the most successful and anything higher can result in no bookings. We invite you to discuss this by contacting us through the app.
Everyone! We are always looking for feedback and want to connect with our users, so please feel free to email your thoughts to [email protected]. Of course, reviews on the app store are encouraged!